IQ185 CCD Scanner


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IQ185 CCD Scanner

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IQ185 CCD Scanner

iQ185 CCD Scanner

The iQ® Series from Metrologic sets new standards for high-resolution, high-speed linear CCD camera scanning. The iQ185 combines all the features of a CCD camera and integrated laser illumination in a compact, rugged device. It offers fast and easy setup, consistent operation, and powerful performance to get the job done. It is capable of decoding high-density as well as damaged or poorly printed codes on moving items travelling at speeds of up to 600 feet per minute. Additionally, fixed and variable focus configurations provide users with further flexibility, making the device ideal for a variety of applications.

The iQ185 is built with an intuitive co-planar laser illumination system as well as other advantageous features, including glare elimination, a cooling system, clear decode line marking for easy alignment, and an impressive depth of field. The iQ® series of cameras deliver crisp and clear images and are ideal for manufacturing, commercial, postal and parcel delivery, and transportation and logistics applications.


  • Remote diagnostics. Simplifies system monitoring, troubleshooting and software upgrades
  • Integrated illumination. Reduces service costs, complexity, size and installation time
  • High-res linear CCD camera enables high speed reading of 1D and 2D barcodes, even those with high density
  • Intelligent decoding. Increases read rates of damaged and small 1D and 2D bar codes
  • Large field of view. Replaces multiple laser scanner and complex imaging systems
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