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The IP3, the next generation of portable RFID readers from Intermec, delivers first-of-its kind capability by combining the power of a handheld mobile computing device with three radios, and the ability to read and write to Intellitag RFID tags.

Users of the 700 Series Color mobile computers have posted productivity gains and enjoyed application flexibility enabled by the three radios— personal area (PAN) or *Bluetooth™, local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN)— as well as the area and linear imagers integrated into the handheld device. Combining those capabilities with the IP3, and the strength of the Microsoft® Pocket PC platform, gives users an unheard of flexibility in scanning, data transmission and application computing.

While RFID solutions are ideal for eliminating human intervention and line of sight restrictions in data collection applications, there is always a need for exception-based scanning. The IP3 and 700 Series in tandem deliver a truly mobile RFID solution. It allows the user to take the technology to the work—whether it’s on the shop floor, the store floor or the receiving dock, whenever it’s more practical to bring the read/write device to the tagged object rather than moving tagged objects passed a fixed reader.

The IP3 is ready for integration into supply chain management for retail operations, industrial manufacturing, and logistics applications. The IP3 reader is ideal for RFID solutions requiring an extended read range, multi-tag sort, read/write, and memory capacity not provided by “proximity” technology.

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