IMAGETEAM 4800 Industrial 2D Imager


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IMAGETEAM 4800 Industrial 2D Imager

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IMAGETEAM 4800 Industrial 2D Imager

The IMAGETEAMTM 4800 Industrial 2D Area Imager is the first handheld area image reader powered by AdaptusTM Imaging Technology. Adaptus technology decodes faster, farther, and future-proofs your investment. This means your workers spend less time trying to capture data, and more time using this data to make your business more cost efficient.

Whether your application is reading conventional linear bar codes or tomorrow’s 2D matrix symbologies, the IT4800 can capture them all today. If your application requires signature capture, OCR, or digital photography, the IT4800 can do it. Its advanced imaging optics software quickly and easily determines the image content and transfers it to your host system. In fact, full image transfer can be accomplished in less than one second through its onboard full speed USB interface.

The IT4800 can be used in a wide range of applications from circuit board manufacture to package delivery tracking. In addition, bar codes, images, and signature capture can provide positive proof of delivery. If discrepant material needs to be viewed by a production supplier, images can be captured and quickly transferred for immediate review and resolution, saving time and money.

Because these applications often contain challenges for many image capture devices, we have made the IT4800 extra tough. Full shock-absorbing rubber protects the imager from dozens of 6.5 feet (2 meter) drops to concrete. Many application environments exhibit airborne dust and rain, so we have sealed the IT4800 so these elements will not degrade performance. In addition to an IP54 enclosure specification, the IT4800 is backed by an industry leading warranty.

For applications that demand superior aiming, the IT4800 is the best choice. Integrated LED and laser aiming ensures the best aimer visibility for exceptional point-and-shoot performance. This ensures your operator will find and capture the correct image every time.

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