IMAGETEAM 3800PDF Linear Imager


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IMAGETEAM 3800PDF Linear Imager

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IMAGETEAM 3800PDF Linear Imager

The IT3800PDF model delivers fast and accurate reading of PDF417 codes as well as all standard linear symbologies.  

The specially designed hardware and firmware are optimized for exceptional PDF417 performance in all types of scanning applications.   PDF417 reading is accomplished by sweeping the scanner up or down over the code, quickly gathering, decoding, and outputting the data to the host system. The scanner ticks while collecting data, providing instant user feedback on performance.  All symbologies are automatically discriminated with no reduction in decoding speed.

The IMAGETEAMâ„¢ 3800PDF is a high performance, hand held bar code scanner.  The IT3800PDF uses linear imaging technology to set a new standard for hand held scanners by combining a bright, sharp aiming line with high resolution imaging to deliver exceptional reading performance.

Each decoded output scanner has the capability to connect as a keyboard wedge, use the serial port, output non decoded laser compatible signals, or operate in wand emulation mode.  The IT3800PDF  connects to all popular PCs, Apple MAC, USB, and portable data terminals.  A non decoded mode can be used with external wedge decoders and portable terminals or other devices with decoding capability.  Standard cables are used to reduce replacement expense.

The IT3800PDF is excellent in hand held scanning applications, such as retail point of sale and in-store inventory.  It operates from a tabletop holder in manual trigger mode, or may be placed in an adjustable stand for automated operation.  The IT3800PDF can be used indoors or outside in bright sunlight.  Typical applications are retail point of sale, in-store inventory, document management, transaction processing of bar coded receipts, payment counter, outdoor sales kiosks, and reading of vehicle registrations.


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