IMAGETEAM 3800IR Infrared Linear Imager


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IMAGETEAM 3800IR Infrared Linear Imager

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IMAGETEAM 3800IR Infrared Linear Imager

The IMAGETEAM™ 3800IR is a high performance reader of both bar codes and bar codes overlaid with infrared laminates.

Improved security and privacy is a critical concern of many companies today.  Employee identification badges, secure facilities, and customer loyalty cards are just a few of the areas in which companies are looking to increase their security and information privacy standards.  Laminated bar codes are one method of achieving increased security and privacy.  The IR laminate covers the underlying bar code, making the bar code invisible to the human eye and most copying machines, but not to the IT3800IR.  This invisibility provides the security and privacy customers are seeking, and the underlying bar code provides all the productivity and performance for which bar code technology is noted.  With the IT3800IR and laminated bar codes, you achieve both security and performance, a winning combination in today’s applications.

With 270 scans per second, linear optics, and innovative decoding technology, the IT3800IR offers aggressive, accurate reading performance on today’s real world bar codes.  Combined with infrared illumination technology, the IT3800IR offers this performance even when bar codes are covered with IR-readable laminates.  The security and privacy customers require, and the performance customers have come to expect with Hand Held Products' IMAGETEAM 3800 family of linear imagers is all in this one reader.

Anyone can warrant their product for 5 years, but if it is not built to last, you pay the hidden costs of warranty.  The IT3800IR not only comes with a 5 year warranty, but was also designed from the ground up and built to last in the most demanding of environments.

Each decoded output scanner has the capability to connect as a keyboard wedge, use the serial port, output non-decoded laser compatible signals, or operate in wand emulation mode.  The IT3800IR connects to all popular PCs, Apple MACs, and portable data terminals.  A non-decoded mode can be used with external wedge decoders and portable terminals or other devices with decoding capability.  Standard cables are used to reduce replacement expenses.

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