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ID Tech uSign(1)

ID Tech uSign(1)

Signature Capture Pad

Signature Capture

ID TECH introduces uSign™ an electronic signature capture device with a back-lighted graphic LCD display with signature panel. The users can view their signatures in real time during the signing process. The graphic display provides for interactive text, which supports pen-tap commands and function selections. The interactive mode allows customers to select and navigate transactions with just the stylus. Signatures are compressed and provided to a host system for signature & data storage.

Speed & Convenience

The use of electronically captured signatures has become common for Point of Service (POS) applications. Electronic signature reduces transaction time, eliminates sorting & sending paper, provides convenient electronic storage, and transmission, and gives legal accountability (non-repudiation) for POS transactions. The POS applications include retail, hospitality, Self-service, and Quick Service Restaurants.

A Convenient Package

The LCD & touch sensitive screen are housed in a rugged plastic case. The case provides a tethered non-electronic stylus. A metal mounting plate secures the uSign case to a desk or counter top when required. A convenient palm rest area below the signature panel provides support making the signing process easy. A removable overlay on the uSigns’ display covers and protects the signature area, thereby allowing replacement when the signature area becomes worn from stylus use.

Features and Bnifits

  • Replaceable none tethered stylus 
  • Resistive touch pad with transparent, replaceable protective overlay 
  • Electronic signature capture with Buffered signature capability 
  • Sampling rate up to 190 dots per second 1024 dot/inch resolution 
  • Real time signature capture with 5:1 compression 
  • Raw data output available 
  • Firmware filters spikes and provides Smoothing 
  • Graphics display of signature during capture 
  • Host controlled graphics display when not in signature process 
  • Calibration Mode or function 
  • Command & response driven operations through an API 
  • Demo application runs in Windows 2000 & XP environment
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