ICR890 Environmental Processing Fixed Imager


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ICR890 Environmental Processing Fixed Imager

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Fixed Mount Scanners > Compact Line Scanners
ICR890 Environmental Processing Fixed Imager

ICR890 Environmental Processing Fixed Scanner

The ICR890 fixed imager is a fixed imager designed with a large reading field for conveyor coverage up to 1,300 mm. This scanner features a high-end CCD sensor (8,192 pixel) and an integrated, high-performance decoder board for maximum throughput. Real-time focus control and a digital zoom function provide reliable, consistent scanning. Users can also monitor the online status of all system components.


  • Fast, reliable identification of poorly printed codes
  • Easy to install and configure with SOPAS tools
  • Real-time performance monitoring via SICK visualization platform
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Low cost of ownership
  • OCR compatible picture quality
  • Constant resolution over entire DOF
  • High reliability (80,000 h MTBF) and short MTTR (under 10 min)

Process Automation

The optimized ICR890 offers an efficient way to automate many industrial processes.

  • Precise measurements of liquids, gases, and dust concentrations for monitoring emissions and acquiring production process data
  • Measure gas flows accurately
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