Hospital Supply Room Replenishment Solution


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Hospital Supply Room Replenishment Solution

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Hospital Supply Room Replenishment Solution

Hospital Supply Room Replenishment Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Hospital Supply Room Replenishment

This medical supply replenishment system was specifically designed to improve the re-ordering process of hospital supplies. The system combines Smart Label Solutions’ smartEIT Express application with Intermec’s CK3 mobile handheld device in order to enable users to import part number data at each individual supply room and then proceed to use the mobile RFID reader in order to link pre-encoded RFID Labels to each bin. This registers each bin and allows users to capture the replenishment order details with a simple click of a button. This solution enables:

  • Fast and accurate data collection
  • Collection of batch data, allowing for offsite data collection and eliminating worries about wireless infrastructure
  • Automatic excel spreadsheet creation
  • Industry standard and user friendly software with easy set up
  • By using RFID technology, users can quickly collect empty bin data, saving time and money

Products Included

  • CK3 Mobile Computer (battery included)
  • IP30 Mobile RFID Reader
  • CK3 Charge Cradle
  • Pre-Made RFID LABELS
  • smartEIT Express Software

Part of the In-A-Box series of software solutions.

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