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Home Delivery Software

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Home Delivery Software

Home Delivery Software

Every year, millions of pieces of furniture and appliances are delivered and often result in unsatisfactory experiences by both buyers and sellers due to frustrating waits and every so often: no shows which require the arrangement of another trip.

OCR’s Home Delivery Software solution plans out the deliveries for the day so that the customer can accurately expect when the carrier will arrive with their purchase. An hour before delivery, customers are notified again to make sure they have not forgotten. After the delivery, a survey is administered to monitor satisfaction levels. Everything is in real time so that progress can be managed and issues can be resolved at any time.

Appliance Delivery Software

OCR’s Home Delivery solution improves customer experience and cuts the time it takes for logistics processes as well as reducing errors in loading and delivery processes. Last minute changes can be entered right away and can instantly send out notifications to employees who need the information. It provides a means to manage inventory and delivery routes at all times. The system cuts costs by:

  • Significantly reducing customer wait times and reduces no shows
  • Allowing you to monitor exactly where your mobile workers are at all times
  • Providing the most efficient job sequencing and setting up precise delivery times
  • Providing real time updates of delivery statuses
  • Simplifying the management of damaged goods
  • Automating billing processes and supporting multiple transportation sub-contractors
  • Ensuring a quick delivery time

Electronics Delivery Software

OCR’s Home Delivery solution provides businesses with the means to overcome challenging logistics issues involved with large products and services. Every phase of the delivery process is pre-planned so that satisfaction is improved, the amount of errors made is reduced, and the delivery process becomes more cost efficient. If your business makes several pickups or deliveries, then, naturally, you would benefit from this software.

Furniture Delivery Software

OCR’s Home Delivery Software optimizes physical routing between stops using geocoding and validates addresses quickly. The whole process is monitored in real time so that you can effectively manage your resources and monitor what work has been done and how long it will take to complete deliveries. The system ensures that deliveries are always carried out at the absolute lowest cost with the least harm done to the environment and wear and tear on equipment.

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