HC1 Headset Computer


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HC1 Headset Computer

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HC1 Headset Computer

HC1 Headset Computer

With the HC1 from Motorola Solutions, you get the power to do mobile computing on a whole new level. You can instantly access and view complex schematics and critical business documents with a simple movement of your head or voice command, you can even coordinate and collaborate with other workmates almost instantly. With the HC1, no hands or fixed workstation is required, just put it on and you're ready for work.

Responds to voice and motion

With its natural language and advanced speech recognition software, the HC1 has full support for six languages which give you responsive command and control. The HC1 comes with dual noise-cancelling bi-directional microphones as well as a near-ear loudspeaker that keeps your communication loud and clear, and the loudspeaker can easily be swapped for noise-cancelling ear buds. On top of this, there is also a digital compass and powerful accelerometer built in that provides you with smooth control with gestures as well as accurate position and direction orientation for navigating your application.

Stylish ergonomics

The HC1 has been designed for comfortable use for hours at a time, from its weight and balance, to its easily configurable near-ear loudspeaker and micro display, the HC1 feels great. It has fully adjustable straps that allow for a snug fit on any head and has comfort pads that can be removed to be replaced or cleaned, this also allows a single device to be shared with different workers.

Numerous options for data entry

The device also has support for a number of encrypted Bluetooth-enabled data entry options which makes the HC1 a highly customizable and dynamic tool.

Accessory options and interface

With the modular accessory interface with USB connectivity, the HC1 makes adding peripherals simple, all you need to do is snap them on. It also features a wide array of accessories to meet your business needs, including carrying cases, multi-slot battery chargers, ear buds, straps and pads.

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