H15B Healthcare Handheld Computer


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H15B Healthcare Handheld Computer

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H15B Healthcare Handheld Computer

H15B Healthcare Handheld Computer

The H15B is a ruggedized terminal equipped with a 2D scan engine with auto-focus, providing an accurate scan of both 1D and 2D barcodes. The optics feature self-adaption of the lens to focus on varying distances. Bluetooth and the Cisco compatible WLAN interface enable seamless integration of barcode based data into your mobile business.

The combination of a 2D engine and an alphanumeric keypad provides a reliable tool for data collection. The auto-focus function improves the motion tolerance from one work location by the ability to scan labels nearby, at far distances and difficult to reach angles. Data storage can be expanded by the user-accessible micro SD slot for data storage expansion. The housing of the H15 is sealed to IP 54 standards and withstands multiple drops up to 1.5 meter onto concrete.

Your workforce will have on-demand access to pre-loaded applications at any physical location. The terminal can transmit the data in multiple ways. The Bluetooth interface connects to other Bluetooth devices. Local area networks are connected by the Cisco CCX compatible WLAN interface. Batch transmission is supported by the optional USB charging and communication cradle.


Support your healthcare management system with this highly efficient terminal. Barcodes, Data Matrix and other 2D barcodes on patient records can now easily be identified with the H15B. Your professionals will have on-demand access to the inventory of medicines and the list of prescriptions. Communication facilities on the device support data transmission through the network to ensure that prescriptions are collected and communicated accurately across your facility. Especially in pharmacies where drugs are continuously moving, the H15B is the right choice for care efficiency.


  • Intramural care efficiency
  • Prescription tracking
  • Communicating reports
  • Asset management
  • Wireless data transfer
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