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Global Logistics Network

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Global Logistics Network

Global Logistics Network

As one of the world’s largest multimodal transportation provider networks, the OCR Global Logistics Network (GLN) works to facilitate the exchange of logistics information and provide you with value-added functions that leverage this information in order to streamline logistics processes. Over 5,000 companies are connected in the OCR GLN who use the network to manage their shipments.

The OCR GLN automates, streamlines, and manages the shipment process from end to end with real time visibility at all times.

Bookings and Reservations

OCR’s system provides a centralized booking portal which allows you to view and manage contracts, rates, and details of the shipment from any location. This feature allows you to have more control and enables you to make more informed decisions. With OCR GLN, carriers are capable of exchanging routing, product, and rate information with forwarders in real time and forwarders are capable of making electronic bookings using a web browser. Cost tables with contracts can be integrated which allow deeper analyses to be made, resulting in improved asset utilization. Host-to-host service even allows forwarders to carry out bookings from their own in-house systems.

Activations and Messaging

The OCR GLN delivers a large network of transportation and logistics service providers, including 1400+ truck, 30+ ocean, and 100+ air carriers and regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Maritime Commission and Customs Agencies.

Local Haulage/Interline

The network allows third-party logistic providers (3PLs), ocean carriers, freight forwarders, and intermodal marketing corporations to manage their agents and haulers more effectively.

Contract and Rate Management

Businesses can easily manage their rate-making processes and can be integrated with their own data formatting in order to make an effective management and quote providing system.

Customs Compliance

When connected to the GLN, meeting international regulatory compliances is much easier for international shipments which must comply with the demands of customs agencies and security initiatives.

Multimodal Track and Trace

The network is capable of providing an easy to deploy, lower cost order/ shipment status service which uses the network of logistics service providers in order to provide the desired information.

On-Demand Fleet Management

The network delivers a wide variety of on-demand and licensed transportation management services for for-hire or private fleets.

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