GT10 Barcode Reader


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GT10 Barcode Reader

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GT10 Barcode Reader
Fast Action Scanning
Fast action scanning makes barcode reading more efficient. The GT-10 is an aggressive CCD scanner that compares to any laser scanner on the market. “Superior CCD Scanning technology” makes for a quick read of damaged, dirty and poorly printed bar codes.

Ultra-bright light source
Ultra-bright light source and enhanced distance scanning technology allows targeting from longer distances and successful scanning in all light conditions. The GT-10 light source is as bright as the leading scanners 650nm laser!

Durable and Reliable
High impact industrial protection, strong durability and proven reliability. The GT-10 has no moving parts and has the highest drop specification in the industry. The black rubber coating hides dirt and grime to keep the scanner looking newer - longer!

Vibration, LEDs and Buzzer
Loud industrial applications require more than just a LED or buzzer for “good decode” confirmation. That’s why the GT-10 has a programmable vibration mode too. The GT-10 feels powerful in the users hand and is the only scanner on the market with this vibration feature.

Twist and Lock Cables
As for all industrialized scanners, cable replacement is a common occurrence. Cable management is much easier with the Denso ruggedized “Twist and Lock System”.

Programmable Magic Key
The GT-10 is programmable and can be used for picking and packing applications. “Master Data Verification” verifies that the “Picker” has selected the correct piece to be packed in a bin. “Master Code Check” is a feature never seen before in a barcode scanner.
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