Fixed and Capital Asset Tracking


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Fixed and Capital Asset Tracking

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Fixed and Capital Asset Tracking

Fixed Capital and Asset Tracking

Fixed Capital and Asset Tracking provides a flexible, barcode based, and RFID capable asset management solution for the tracking and management of:

  • Capital Assets
  • Fixed Assets
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures
  • IT Assets
  • Vehicles
  • Deployed Items such as Cell Phones
  • And Many Others

Fixed and Capital Asset Tracking allows you to track and control depreciable assets, fleet vehicles, and deployed equipment with unmatched power. ASAP Systems provides you with a system to take care of asset tracking so that you can focus on doing what your business does best. The solution works to optimize efficiency while generating a high return on interest.

Fixed and Capital Asset Tracking offers the following features:

  • Track Assets by Location
  • Track Whether Asset is Active or Inactive
  • Standard Reports for Depreciation
  • Assign Asset Categories
  • Serial Number and Model Number Tracking
  • Add New Items in the Field
  • Conduct Physical Inventory
  • Reconcile Physical Inventory to Book Inventory
  • Keep Asset Photographs
  • Maintain Asset Cost Records
  • Generate Management Reports
  • Schedule Asset Maintenance
  • Schedule Transfers to Other Locations
  • Record Notes for Each Asset
  • Print Barcode Labels and Catalogs
  • Data Export Via Excel, Text, HTML, etc.
  • Easy to Use, Menu Driven Software
  • No Programming Required
  • Use Commercial Off-The-Shelf Handheld Scanners
  • Works With Virtually All Types of Asset Labels
  • User Configurable to Your Specifications

Key benefits

  • Immediate Access to Asset Location
  • Simplify Government Mandated Record Keeping
  • Increased Accountability and Control
  • Reduce Costs by Allocating Idle Assets
  • Elimination of High Error Incidence in Book-Based Tracking
  • Eliminate Missed Maintenance Schedules
  • Simplify Government Mandated Record Keeping
  • Account for Lost and Misplaced Equipment
  • Reduce Time for Physical Inventory
  • Rapid Payback of System Cost
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