FMT1000 Fixed Mount Terminals


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FMT1000 Fixed Mount Terminals

FMT1000 Fixed Mount Terminals
Manage Data - Right Where It's Generated
The FMT 1000 Series terminals take data collection into the heart of your operations - where events and transactions take place. You can use them as standalone devices, or easily integrate them into your existing network backbone to reduce installation time, save money and take advantage of your existing MIS infrastructure. Ethernet ready, FMT 1000 Series terminals connect to Novell, LANtastic and TCP/IP based LANS. And, they're based on an open system architecture. These DOS-based products are compatible with your network and allow you to develop DOS version 5.0 or higher applications using standard PC programming tools.
FMT Series 1000 Terminals include I/O ports that allow you to plug in a wide variety of peripheral devices including bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, printers, electronic scales and machine tools, as well as control of external devices through relay outputs. They offer a PCMCIA slot for expandable data storage. And the ruggedized housing withstands heavy use and tough environments, including heat, cold, moisture and dust.

Working Harder and Working Smarter
FMT 1000 Series terminals are designed for industrial workplaces, including manufacturing floors, warehouses, distribution centers and transportation hubs, and enhance your ability to perform a variety of mission-critical functions. Some of the things you can expect to do better with the help of the FMT 1000 Series are:
Track work-in-process
Control manufacturing equipment and machinery
Record time, including attendance and overtime
Monitor employee performance
Monitor quality control data
Provide security access
Monitor shipping and receiving functions
Monitor/control processes
Manage material and finished goods inventory
Track assets
Control documents
Three Models to Match Your Precise Needs
The FMT a compact terminal with ruggedized housing. Measuring just 9" W x 5" H x 1.5" D/22.9 cm W x 12.7 cm H x 3.8 cm D, the FMT 1020 is ideal for spaces that won't accommodate a PC, such as a workbench, workstation or lab bench. It offers a reconfigurable keyboard with overlays for easy application customization. Because it's dust- and moisture-resistant, the FMT 1020 housing keeps the terminal safe and reliable, even under demanding conditions.

The FMT a terminal with super ruggedized housing. Its heavy duty case is rated to NEMA 4 standards, making it ideal for environments where chemicals, water and dust are frequently found. The FMT 1040 offers a widely-spaced, 50-character alphanumeric keypad which is easy to use accurately - even when wearing gloves. Its backlit screen and 1/2"/1.2 cm high characters are easy to read at a distance or in dimly lighted environments.
The FMT a wall-mounted, ruggedized time and attendance terminal. It automatically collects and monitors data to prepare reports on time and attendance. Access control features provide the capability to program opening and closing of doors, starting and stopping machinery, signaling alarms, and much more. The FMT 1060 features a cast aluminum case that is sturdy enough for high traffic and usage. Its wall-mounted form factor saves space and allows it to be conveniently positioned near entries and exits. Power loss isn't a problem, either; a battery-backed real-time clock safeguards data and keeps the FMT 1060 functioning even when the power's not.
FMT 1000 Series Fixed Mount Data Terminals: They're another reason why solutions from Symbol Technologies are increasing productivity in factory and warehouse environments...and another reason Symbol Technologies is the world leader in bar code-driven data management systems, with more than 5 million scanners and terminals installed.
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