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Evidence Tracking

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Evidence Tracking

Evidence Tracking Solution

OCR’s evidence tracking solution features a fully customizable solution which can handle evidence tracking processes from submission all the way through to the disposal process. To find out how a solution can be tailored to fit your needs and budget, call us.

The customizable solution includes:

  • Detailed evidence information
  • Documented evidence check out/in
  • Chain of Custody Reporting
  • Evidence disposal scheduling and reporting
  • Evidence photo files
  • Evidence list by Officer
  • Evidence list by evidence type
  • Evidence list by Defendant
  • Evidence list by Case #

Quickly enter data through scanning and drop-down lists:

  • Evidence label
  • ID Badge
  • Location Barcode
  • Case Number
  • Incident Types
  • Defendant File
  • Evidence Type

Replace manual sign-out logs with an automated scanning process which offers these benefits:

  • All evidence movement is Date/Time Stamped
  • An Auditable History File is Easily Viewed
  • Evidence is Tracked by Location
  • Standard Reports for Checked Out Items
  • Overdue Notices

Additional Benefits

  • Easy to Use, Menu Driven Software
  • No Configuring or Programming Required
  • Use Cabled and/or Portable Scanners
  • Fully Customizable to Your Specifications
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