Energy and Utilities RFID Tracking Solution


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Energy and Utilities RFID Tracking Solution

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Energy and Utilities RFID Tracking Solution

Energy and Utilities RFID Tracking Solution

In the utilities industry, success depends on timely, error-free delivery of products and services through a complex supply chain. Failures which cost even a short amount of time at any point in the supply chain can cause a ripple effect and turn into a multimillion-dollar loss in this capital intensive business.

RFID tracking provides visibility from end to end of the supply chain in order to effectively manage material, equipment, and personnel. Using these tools, you can maximize uptime, respond faster to needs, and restore production more quickly in response to incidents.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective RFID solution designed to give real-time visibility and tracking
  • Increased productivity – less time spent tracking down assets
  • Increased uptime – Quicker response times to disasters, failures, and outages
  • Enhanced infrastructure and maintenance system
  • Enhanced asset utilization – enhanced asset use and visibility reduce stocking inventory levels
  • Improved regulatory reporting methods – system ensures regulated treatment of assets and compliance with regulations
  • Safer workplace – quickly locate workers and respond to complications
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