EasyCoder PX6i High Performance Printer


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EasyCoder PX6i High Performance Printer

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EasyCoder PX6i High Performance Printer

EasyCoder PX6i High Performance Printer

The EasyCode PX6i is an all-metal six-inch printer that offers high performance and adaptability, making it suited to a variety of environments or applications. It is among the first to incorporate Intermec’s Readiness Indicator (IRI), and in doing so it offers an intuitive visual cue system to notify the operator of the state of the printer.

Product Overview

The EasyCoder PX6i features a rugged, all-metal design which is built to succeed in demanding 24/7 use applications. The PX6i offers a maximum printing width of 6 inches and is available with printheads of 203 or 300-dpi resolution. The device’s modular, open design allows for easy maintance, modification, and servicing of the printer.

The PX6i offers continuous printing at speeds of up to 12 inches per second, making it ideal for applications which require immediate, on-demand printing of variable data labels. The use of an advanced thermal management printhead, individually controlled micro-step motors, and a large power supply allows for the printer to offer consistent printing of high-quality labels.

The PX series of printers can be easily integrated into manufacturing environments, and can be mounted in almost any position. Furthermore, its modular design allows for additional add-ons, including an automatic label applicator. The printer allows for simultaneous interfacing with up to seven wired and wireless connectivity options.

As one of the first printers to feature Intermec’s Readiness Indicator (IRI) light, the PX6i can be integrated into the SmartSystem™ to offer an intuitive indication system in which the IRI can relay information to a SmartSystem Console, which can then display the printer’s status, facilitate the installation of new printers, provide access to configuration options, and identify when printer supplies must be replenished.

The PX6i can be used as a stand-alone device to execute a user-defined program, thus eliminating the need to acquire a PC for the application. The PX series of printers are capable of operating a variety of production line machinery, such as scales, scanners, conveyors, and other printers, all while retaining the ability to retrieve information from the network. The printer is fully programmable and can be changed to suit the application at hand, thereby providing investment protection.

The PX6i printer is unrestricted by printer command languages and can replace older and competitive Intermec printers without requiring the user to change host programs or label formats.


  • Outstanding print quality and performance
  • Durable, all-metal construction allows it to stand up to 24/7 use in industrial environments
  • Investment protection – can be adapted to change host environments and applications
  • Incorporates Intermec’s Readiness Indicator™ (IRI) light to facilitate printer management
  • Modular design allows it to be mounted in almost any position
  • Emulates and can replace older and competitive Intermec printers
  • Choice of Fingerprint/DP or IPL printer command languages
  • Simultaneous connectivity to up to seven wireless and wired interfaces
  • Interchangeable printhead allows for a choice between 203 and 300 dpi printing resolutions
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