EasyCoder PX4i Programmable Label Printer


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EasyCoder PX4i Programmable Label Printer

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EasyCoder PX4i Programmable Label Printer

EasyCoder PX4i Programmable Label Printer

The EasyCoder PX4i is a four-inch printer built for demanding 24/7 printing industrial environments that features an all-metal, sturdy construction. It is a compact, versatile printer that integrates Intermec’s Readiness Indicator (IRI), giving it a means to provide visual cues to indicate the operating mode of the printer.

Product Overview

The EasyCode PX4i is a metal, high-performance printers built to succeed in round-the-clock, demanding environments. Its modular, open design ensures that the PX4i is simple to adapt, service, and maintain. It features a maximum print width of 4 inches.

It can be easily integrated into any manufacturing environment, as it can be mounted in almost any position. Its versatile form factor allows for the addition of a variety of add-ons, including an automatic label applicator.

The PX4i is also capable of operating as a stand-alone device for the execution of user-defined programs. It is capable of replacing the PC in a variety of applications with its interfacing capabilities. It features as many as seven wired and wireless connection interfacing options, and it can operate with a variety of production machinery, such as scales, scanners, conveyors, and other printers. It is also capable of accessing information directly from the network.

The fully programmable printer is capable of adapting and can be changed to meet the demands of the application at hand. Its adaptability protects your investment and offers additional functionality. Furthermore, it is unrestricted by what printer command languages it can understand and can replace older or competitive Intermec printers without needing the user to modify label designs or host programs.

The printer is capable of printing continuously at a speed of 12 inches per second at a resolution of either 203 or 300-dpi, depending on the printhead selected to be installed. The PX4i is also available in 400-dpi resolution at the same printing speed. This printer is ideal for on-demand labelling applications with variable data.

The PX4i Programmable Label Printer is among the first to incorporate the use of Intermec’s Readiness Indicator (IRI) light. Used in conjunction with other SmartSystem™ devices, the indicator light offers operators a visual cue. It relays information the SmartSystem Console, which displays the status of the printer, allows the printer to be configured, aids in identifying when printer supplies must be replenished, and facilitates the installation of additional printers.


  • Superior performance and printing quality
  • All-metal, sturdy construction for 24/7 printing in rugged industrial environments
  • Can adapt to suit the application
  • Compact, modular designed allows it to be integrated into automatic labelling applications
  • Compatible with stand-alone printer applications
  • Choice of Fingerprint/DP or IPL printer command languages
  • Interchangeable printhead allows for choice between 203, 300, or 400 dpi printing resolutions
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