EasyCoder PM4i Industrial Printer


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EasyCoder PM4i Industrial Printer

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EasyCoder PM4i Industrial Printer

EasyCoder PM4i Industrial Printer

As the first industrial-strength label printer to offer integrated serial, EasyLAN Ethernet, and USB interfaces as standard equipment, the EasyCoder PM4i offers powerful and reliable printing performance. It is able to operate as a “smart client”, eliminating the need for a PC in the application, while also accessing and operating additional peripheral devices such as weight scales, scanners, or other printers.

Product Overview

The EasyCoder PM4i offers an efficient printing solution to reduce costs and increase production. It is designed to excel in demanding industrial environments through use of a strong, proven mechanical platform, as well as powerful newly developed electronics.

The PM4i is also capable of acting as a “smart client” to execute user-defined programs, thereby cutting out the PC in applications. It is capable of accessing information from the network and operating additional hardware, such as scanners, conveyors, and other printers, all while retaining the ability to adapt as needed to changes in applications. Use of the EasyLAN Wireless option allows the PM4i to access any other peripheral devices part of the wireless network.

The PM4i is unrestricted by printer command languages. This allows it to adapt to adapt and replace older as well as competitive Intermec printers without the user having to change current label formatting or their host program.

Network connectivity is offered through wireless or integrated wired EasyLAN networking. The EasyLAN Wireless interfacing option makes use of an integrated 802.11b radio and provides 128-bit WEP encryption for secure relay of information through the wireless infrastructure. Both Intermec’s wireless and wired connectivity options ensure secure and fast printing in any environment.

The PM4i is a versatile industrial barcode label printer that allows for simultaneous use of up to five interface ports, including serial, USB, parallel, internal EasyLAN Ethernet, and EasyLAN Wireless interfacing. Additionally, a magnetic QuickMount printhead allows for easy replacement of the printhead. The magnet and u-brackets are designed to ensure proper alignment of the printhead. Furthermore, the double-clutching ribbon mechanism allows for a variety of ribbon types to be used, no matter how they are wound. The inexpensive, handy PC-compatible Compact Flash memory technology allows for the printer’s firmware to be upgraded quickly and allows for memory expansion to store additional fonts, formats, and graphics.

With exceptional throughput and reliable, high-performance printing, the PM4i delivers an ideal printing solution in an industrial environment.


  • Superior throughput reduces wait time at printer
  • Heavy-duty metal construction provides the durability needed for rugged environments
  • Integrated EasyLAN™ Ethernet, serial, and USB interface comes standard
  • CompactFlash™ memory allows for quick and easy firmware updates as well as font and memory upgrades
  • Compatible with stand-alone printer applications
  • Can adapt to meet changing applications and host environments
  • Capable of emulating and replacing competitive and older Intermec printers
  • Allows for simultaneous use of up to five interface ports, including internal EasyLAN Wireless
  • Magnetic QuickMount™ printhead allows for easy installation
  • Printer language is user selectable
  • Double-clutching ribbon allows for a variety of ribbon types to be used
  • Replaces the EasyCoder® 3400e legacy printer
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