ET1 Commercial Enterprise Tablet


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Duo-Touch Tablet PC ET1 Enterprise Tablet

ET1 Commercial Enterprise Tablet

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ET1 Commercial Enterprise Tablet

ET1 Commercial Enterprise Tablet Computer

The ET1 offers a tablet computer which stands out for its features which make it truly enterprise ready. It runs on an Android operating system, loaded with features which offer enterprise-class flexibility, security, and manageability. The ET1 combines the sleek design of common consumer tablets with the durability needed for all day business use.

Enterprise Tablet Computer

The ET1’s intuitive design combines the style of consumer tablets with the durability needed for all day business use. It is capable of withstanding drops, chilly temperatures, spills, extreme heat and, as it is built with resistant Gorilla™ glass.

Secure your data with encryption, no matter if it exists on an internal or removable drive. To help you comply with government and industry regulations, the ET1 allows you to encrypt data in order to secure sensitive information, such as patient information and credit card data.

The ET1 is built for multi-user use and is designed with feature-level control. Each users log-in will determine what applications they have access to and grants them access to a personalized workspace. Task management is made much simpler as managers are capable of determining who is using the device at any given time.

Additional features are available if needed. Bluetooth technology as well as an additional expansion port can be added in order to accommodate for extra peripheral devices needed to get the job done more efficiently, such as magnetic stripe readers and scanners.

Unlike consumer tablets, which only include a rechargeable battery, the ET1 mobile tablet features a removable battery, allowing you to swap batteries on the go. This allows you to work uninterrupted, preventing loss of data and productivity.

Easily build and load custom applications onto the ET1 and other Motorola mobile computers. Providing application support for multiple operating systems can be costly and more complex. However, with Motorola’s RhoElements, you can easily build an application which feels and acts the same on Motorola mobile devices, regardless of whether the device runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Android operating systems. This allows you to pick the most efficient device for each worker without having to worry about additional costs of application development and support.

By using the Motorola Mobility Services Platform (MSP), you can easily manage your devices, whether they be within a single building or around the world, from any location. With Motorola’s MSP, you can stage, update, troubleshoot, and monitor Motorola mobile devices from a remote location, lowering costs of device management.

Protect your investment from unexpected damages which incur repair costs with Service from the Start Comprehensive Coverage. With this solution, you are granted access to business-class tablet support. The all-inclusive service covers normal wear and tear and accidental breakage of internal and external components, as well as select accessories and operating system issues.

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