EE201 Electronic Shelf Labels


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EE201 Electronic Shelf Labels

EE201 Electronic Shelf Labels

EE201 Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL, or Electronic Shelf Labeling, is a solution used by retailers mainly and it is used to display the prices of products on shelving electronically. It features a graphical display that can be updated remotely with an RF based communications network. With automated ESL solutions, you can reduce your pricing management labour costs as well as improve pricing accuracy by removing the chances of mislabeling.

The EE201 features a fully graphical, high resolution, e-paper based display and due to its high contrast, allows for normal laser barcode scanners to read the codes right off of the display. Because the display has been designed to only consume power when there is a radio transmission or a display update, you are guaranteed an extremely long battery life on just two small batteries.


Using the bidirectional communication and barcode display features you can locally update price information for specific or multiple products. You can even update price information on specific products without having to head to the server.

  • First, scan the code on the electronic label with an Opticon device
  • Then update the information for the product on the device
  • Then you can send that updated information from your scanning device to the server and watch the labels update automatically


With the EE201, you get a dot-matrix screen that allows you to display all sorts of information onto the screen with a high degree of accuracy.

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