Dock Appointment Scheduling


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Dock Appointment Scheduling

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Dock Appointment Scheduling

Dock Appointment Scheduling

Many organizations with a distribution center (DC) or warehouse have taken the initiative to find ways to improve use of resources, reduce complexity of paperwork, and create efficiencies. However, many organizations have not sought a system to more effectively plan inbound shipment processing.

The OCR Dock Appointment Scheduling is a collaborative solution which provides shippers and carriers with the tools to create a dock door scheduling appointment system. The solution streamlines receiving processes at docks by organizing and distributing responsibilities for scheduling across carriers, suppliers, and the warehouse. By involving all partners in the supply chain, receiving operations are optimized for inbound shipments to a dock or warehouse.

Key potential benefits and capabilities

  • Improved inventory turns
  • Optimized hours of service
  • Automated data collection
  • Increased warehouse efficiency
  • Enhanced partner collaboration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Advanced shipment visibility
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