DataMan 300 Fixed Position Barcode Reader


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DataMan 300 Fixed Position Barcode Reader

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Fixed Mount Scanners > Compact Line Scanners
DataMan 300 Fixed Position Barcode Reader

The series of DataMan 300 barcode readers can handle difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Park Mark) codes along with both 1-D and 2-D Matrix codes for high speed or indexed lines that can be very challenging.

Red lighting module is field changable and controllable to create the best lighting possible to ensure the higest read rates of DPM codes.

Features of the DataMan 300 Fixed Position Barcode Reader

  • Modular lighting and optics that are controllable
  • CS and c mount
  • Common communication interfaces supported
  • Liquid lens option
  • Intelligent tuning
  • Two base models
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