DS6607 Handheld Barcode Scanner


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DS6607 Handheld Barcode Scanner

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DS6607 Handheld Barcode Scanner

Benefit from integrated image capture and transfer capabilities


With its ability to scan and transfer images, the DS6607 is ideal for your digital document storage and processing applications. To speed productivity, it offers a sub-second transfer rate, as well as an intuitive laser-generated aiming pattern, to help employees quickly scan data and images. The bar code scanner features a charge coupled device (CCD) image sensor, similar to those found in high-end digital cameras, which allows it to capture and process bar codes as quickly as a laser scanner. And because the DS6607 is also designed to read one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) symbologies, you need only one device to support all your scanning needs.

Business challenge Solution
Complying with regulations such as Check 21 and HIPPA is not optional, but it’s taking too much time. With its ability to scan and transfer images, the DS6607 lets you eliminate paper by creating electronic records.
To speed processes, you need a single device able to collect different types of data, such as in pharmacies where your employees scan both merchandise and prescriptions. By enabling your employees to scan 1D and 2D bar codes, signatures and black-and-white images with a single device, the DS6607 enables you to reduce equipment costs and save time.
You want to respond faster to customer demand by increasing product throughput. To speed bar code scanning, the DS6607 provides an omni-directional scan pattern, eliminating the need for operators to line up bar codes with scan lines, and allowing even novice users to scan quickly and accurately.
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