DS4800 Retail Store Scanner


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DS4800 Retail Store Scanner

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DS4800 Retail Store Scanner

DS4800 Retail Store Scanner

The DS4800 scanner provides you with a solution that extends the customer experience that you have worked hard in creating in your retail store. Both your store brand and design can be incorporated into the design of the DS4800 so that your store experience is consistent, right up to the point of sale. Despite the flexibility in its design, the DS4800 does not make any compromises on the performance and features cutting-edge technology to provide a speedy scanning experience that you would expect from any high-performance scanner.

The DS4800 is an easy-to-use scanner that complements your store’s décor. It comes in white and black and can be printed with a custom design that features your brand colours and logo. The DS4800 features customizable feedback indicators and you can pick from a number of different audio, visual, and even physical indicators that makes scanning easier and clear when a good read was made. The device features a high performance 2D intelligent image engine that enhances decoding snappiness and performance and can read a number of difference barcodes, like 1D and 2D codes on labels or phone screens, high density codes, damaged or poorly printed codes, and even codes under shrinkwrap. The decoding engine is also capable of scanning licences and cards and parsing them for information. This speeds up applications like capturing ID cards and documents for electronic recordkeeping. The DS4800 optimizes ease-of-use and features an illumination system that clearly marks the scanning field as well as where the device is aiming, making it easy to get good reads on barcodes on the first try.

The DS4800 comes pre-configured to its most optimal settings which drastically reduces the time to set-up and deploy the device. It also comes with support for over 90 international keyboard configurations, ensuring that theDS4800 will be compatible with your current keyboard, wherever you are. The DS4800 also has an optional Intellistand that has been specifically designed for it. The Intellistand allows the DS4800 to be used hands free and can automatically switch between hands-free and handheld modes of operation.

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