DS3407 Motorola Barcode Scanner


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DS3400 Series of Rugged Bar Code Scanners DS3408 Digital Scanner

DS3407 Motorola Barcode Scanner

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DS3407 Motorola Barcode Scanner

Capture and transfer images

The DS3407 digital scanner reads both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes, as well as captures and transfers images.

Additional benefits:
  • Provides omni-directional scanning of all 1D and 2D bar codes  
  • For further flexibility, provides integrated sub-second image capture and transfer capabilities, reducing the costs associated with using multiple devices for capture and transfer  
  • Rugged design ensures reliability even in industrial environments  
  • Eliminates paper records and the costs associated with them, yet helps you remain in compliance with regulations by creating electronic records  
  • IP65-rated sealing protects against elements  
  • Withstands multiple 6.5-ft. (2-m) drops to concrete  
  • Omni-directional scanning enables workers to simply point and shoot for faster, more accurate data capture

DS3400 Series Digital Scanners

Capture Bar Codes with Laser-Like Precision

The DS3400 Series industrial bar-code scanners from Symbol Technologies use digital imaging technology to accurately capture all types of two-dimensional (2D) and one-dimensional (1D) bar codes while offering the high performance typically found only in laser scanners. For capturing images and bar codes, the DS3408 is ideal. But if image capture and transfer capability is what you need, the DS3407 is perfect for today's applications, such as digital document storage and processing, as well as for image capture applications of the future.

High Performance That Speeds Productivity

With the DS3400 Series, you benefit from a scanning solution designed specifically for fast-paced production environments. The DS3407 and DS3408 come equipped with charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensors, which allow them to more accurately capture and process bar codes at a faster pace than other digital scanners. In addition, the scanners' omni-directional scanning functionality lets operators quickly capture bar codes from any angle, eliminating the need to line up bar codes with laser lines. The DS3400 Series has the widest working range of any scanner in its class. Its two-position smart focus technology, unique to Symbol, allows you to read bar codes regardless of the size or density of the code. This means that this single device can work well for all your scanning needs.

Ruggedized for Industrial-Grade Applications

The DS3400 Series provides resilience and performance in a ruggedized package. The scanners' exit windows are scratch-resistant and recessed for a higher level of durability, while their rugged housing, sealed to industry-leading IP65 standards against rain and dust, is designed to withstand repeated drops of up to six-and-a-half feet (two meters) onto concrete. In fact, the DS3407 and DS3408 maintained their reliability when subjected to drops in a specialized tumble test conducted in the widely recognized Symbol Industrial Design Labs. Their design virtually eliminates the chances of downtime occurring as a result of damage from being dropped.

An Investment for Now and the Future

The DS3400 Series doesn't just provide you with a scanning solution that meets current and future needs — it can also help protect your past investments as well. Both scanners offer the technology you need to scan newer bar-code symbologies such as 2D bar codes as well as 1D bar codes. The DS3407 offers the USB functionality and faster transfer rates that make it ideal for newer production environments, as well as the ability to capture and transfer images. In addition, the DS3408 includes a multi-interface that allows it to work with a variety of hosts. With the DS3400 Series, you can choose the scanner that is right for you — without having to worry about making a large investment in your overall architecture.

Reduce the Chances of Downtime

Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services are designed to ensure that every aspect of your mobility solution — from network design to ongoing service and support — works seamlessly and at maximum efficiency.

The DS3407 and DS3408 are backed by world-class service and support that is designed to reduce downtime by ensuring that any problems that may occur with the scanner are quickly resolved. It's this reliability, combined with their ruggedized features, that makes the Symbol DS3400 Series of scanners ideal for the manufacturing environment.

While the DS3407 and DS 3408 come with standard three-year warranties, Symbol offers a range of service programs, including the Service-from-the-Start Bronze Service Contract, a prepaid five-year Service Center program. By purchasing the service when you buy the scanners, you receive a higher value at a lower price than if you purchased the same service later.

No matter what level of service you choose, you can rest assured knowing that all Symbol services offer:

  • A team with industry experience suited to your business needs  
  • Symbol-certified and approved parts  
  • Support services aimed at providing you with maximum uptime
Features Benefits
Ability to read both 1D and 2D bar codes Increases productivity and lowers costs by providing one device that can be used to read all industry-standard bar codes
Omni-directional scanning Speeds reading time by eliminating the need to line up the bar code with the scan line
Rugged and reliable design that includes a 6.5 foot drop-to-concrete specification and IP65 seal rating Ensures reliability and performance in rough environments by protecting against damage
Integrated image capture and transfer capabilities (DS3407 only) Reduces the costs associated with operating and maintaining multiple devices by integrating the technology needed for image capture and transfer
Multiple interfaces (DS3408 only) Protects your investment by allowing migration to future hosts with only a cable change
Two-position smart focus Unique to the DS3400 Series, this feature allows users to optimize the scanner for their application by providing them with a choice of two focus positions
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