DFM1000 Fixed Position Industrial Laser Scanner


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DFM1000 Fixed Position Industrial Laser Scanner

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Fixed Mount Scanners > Compact Line Scanners
DFM1000 Fixed Position Industrial Laser Scanner

DFM1000 Fixed Position Industrial Laser Scanner

The DFM 1000 fixed position barcode laser is specifically designed for industrial laser scanning applications. With a decoding rate of 1000 scans per second, it is capable of accurately and reliably scanning barcodes at high speeds. A rugged metal housing ensures a long lasting product life and allows it to be easily mounted.

The device is equipped with several I/O lines which are user-configurable and allow the scanner to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of environments. An internal auto-trigger or external trigger line can be used to activate the scanner.

The DFM 1000 features a variety of interfacing options, such as RS232 and RS485 connectivity. Wedge interfacing is also available. RF adapters can be used to convert the scanner into a mobile, long distance (500 feet) wireless unit.

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