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Customs Filing & Compliance

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Customs Filing & Compliance

Customs Filing & Compliance

OCR Customs Filing & Compliance solution helps your business comply to regulations for international shipping through security initiatives and international customs agencies. The solution works to:

  • Provide a single point of access to comply with customs from various governments
  • Help you comply to US customs filing and auditing regulations (OCR Editrade Compliance)
  • Provide connectivity via “Customs Connect” including:
    • CBP: AMS Air, AMS Ocean, ACE, ABI
    • CBSA: ACI Ocean, ACI Air
    • General Administration of Mexico Customs (AGA); AMS Ocean

The solution also provides improved cross border documentation services which connect carriers to custom brokers, improving efficiency and manageability of custom clearance processes.

Customs Filing and Compliance Initiatives

Governments from around the world have put into place new electronic reporting requirements. OCR’s customs filing and compliance solution offers a suite of tools for importers and exporters, brokers, and freight forwarders to comply with current regulations.

Key Benefits and Capabilities

  • Hosted, web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) application
  • Access to up to date regulations to ensure compliance requirements are met
  • Monitor, manage, and audit filings
  • Manage a filings history and auditing trail for all processes
  • Streamlined harmonized tariff schedule (HTS) classification
  • Ensure compliance with audits and C-TPAT (Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • Reduce number of shipment delays and the costs that go with it through reduced inspections, filing errors, and fines
  • Easy to use interface
  • Denied Parties Screening to ensure business is not conducted with unauthorized people, businesses, or countries
  • Status updates sent to e-mails to indicate errors or delays
  • Extensive connectivity – multiple modes of communication (ACROSS, EICS, RNS)
  • Solution can be customized to suit each client’s needs (connectivity, value added options)
  • White label affinity support allows the solution to be integrated with clients own systems
  • Flexible data capturing from keyed entry to automated EDI processing
  • Persistent global visibility on the status of client cargo
  • Comprehensive set of tools allow clients to transmit custom messages to logistics partners and clients

OCR continues to focus on enhancing its services to streamline international trade as additional countries automate their customs filing processes. OCR current development projects include:

  • Mexican Customs Automation
  • CBP 10+ 2 program
  • CBSA extension of ACI (Canadian Customs) to include Truck Shipments
  • European Union Customs Harmonization
  • Australian Customs
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