Cordless Data Entry Validation Software


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Cordless Data Entry Validation Software

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Cordless Data Entry Validation Software

Cordless Data Entry Validation Software

Remote data collection with wireless barcode scanners into Windows applications do not have the capabilities to provide feedback to the remote user with a success or failure indicator. The majority of accounting applications, and other data collection software, do not take into account remote wireless scanning and, thus, do not indicate to the remote worker whether the input data was valid or not. With the Cordless Data Entry Validation Software, developed by OCR, any Windows program can be used with a portable P370 Motorola Scanner and be informed on invalid data entry.

Typically, when an error occurs the mobile worker will have to return to the main computer terminal to see the error displayed. With OCR’s Cordless Data Entry Validation Software, for as long as the windows application displays the error indicator, the error indication can be relayed to the scanner and the user can react to it. From there, the user will have to respond to the error before continuing to scan data. This improved feedback system works to prevent errors which occur without the mobile work even realizing it.

The feedback system not only reduces errors, but also improves confidence in and acceptance of wireless barcode scanners in data collection tasks. Test out a complimentary week’s evaluation of the software and scanner by requesting more information on the P370 and “Cordless Data Entry Validation” software.

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