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ClearD Optima

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ClearD Optima

ClearD Optima

ClearD Optima is our advanced optimization software. It runs on sophisticated heuristic mathematical algorithms that responds to actual transportation and field service patterns. ClearD Optima is a module that delivers a precise and extremely fast shortest end to end distance calculation.

The optimal calculator factors all relevant variables including driver attributes or skills, closed and open routes, detours, road conditions and a multiple of possible time constraints. The advanced planning system automatically determines overnight stays for longer routes and service times while still providing the shortest or fastest path for your mobile delivery resources.

ClearD Optima supports all vehicle types and equipment. It defines the shortest pick up and delivery between each point, facilitating optimal load capacities for each vehicle. Based on service oriented architecture with a SOAP interface, ClearD Optima is easily integrated with ERP and TMS systems, helping deliver a comprehensive mobile solution.


  • Advanced and easy algorithm customization
  • Loading capacity optimization
  • Workforce and demand management
  • Pallet load optimization
  • Supports liquid or gas loading and optimization
  • Optimized weight management on trailers


  • Significantly reduces associated delivery costs
  • Enables better management of vehicle capacity
  • Reduces necessary fleet size
  • Decreases loading time
  • Provides a 40% to 90% reduction in dispatcher manpower
  • Increases the number of jobs or deliveries per vehicle
  • Reduces total routing miles / kilometers by 5% to 30%
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