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ClearD Drop Ship

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ClearD Drop Ship

ClearD Drop Ship

Drop shipping begins when a purchase is made through a web- or in-store retailer. The purchase and shipping info are sent to the vendor who now must confirm the order, pack the item, have it shipped out to the customer, and then inform the retailer when the delivery has been made. With ClearD Drop Ship, all of this is managed with a cloud-based system that tracks order fulfillment information and provides real-time updates. ClearD Drop Ship greatly improves your logistics, ensuring that you know when orders were completed.


  • Order fulfillment data stored on the Cloud to provide real-time updates
  • Electronic data interchange between retailers, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers and carriers.
  • Seamlessly integrates PoS systems and online store
  • Inbound logistic information consolidated from vendors
  • Optimize outbound transportation by consolidating warehouses and “last mile” deliveries
  • Retailers can arrange pickups from different vendors, then ship items directly to customers’ homes
  • Reduce the distance between each stop on a delivery route
  • Personalized barcodes and labels
  • Create a large network of warehouses
  • Track and trace items in real-time during each step of the delivery process
  • View delivery status, customer survey results, photos of any damages, electronic signatures and more
  • Reverse logistics


  • Reduce your order fulfillment costs
  • Grow your online business
  • Diversify your product selection
  • No need to own or operate a warehouse
  • Avoid storage, picking, cross-docking and truck loading fees
  • Customize home deliveries to customers’ needs
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