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ClearD Dashboard

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ClearD Dashboard

ClearD Dashboard

ClearD Dashboard is our comprehensive, transportation and fleet management tool. The dashboard delivers simplicity, speed and proactive decision making, displaying "end-to-end" transportation information in real- time.

The ClearD Dashboard is a web-based, end user configurable tool, designed to provide visibility to your enterprise data. Critical decision information is available to any level of management across the entire supply-chain. Whether you are a top level executive concerned with the overall flow of goods from source to customer, or an operations manager concerned with order or job fulfillment operations.

ClearD Dashboard can be configured to track critical performance metrics providing you with a user defined level of business intelligence across your enterprise. ClearD Dashboard uses your real-time supply-chain data to calculate the optimal performance metrics that impacts your bottom line the most.


  • Enterprise visibility
  • Simple user design and login
  • Real-time shipment status and locator
  • Up-to-date transaction information


  • Enables proactive decision making
  • Focuses on key performance indicators
  • Remote viewing and log in
  • Can create outputs, and email reports to your team or customers
  • Comprehensive real time communication
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