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ClearD Address

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ClearD Address

ClearD Address

ClearD Address modifies as required, updates, normalizes and validates addresses. It then creates and geocodes (latitude & longitude) addresses in the customer’s customer relationship databases. This powerful tool processes all types of addresses including Asian, Europeen, Canadian, and U.S., to make sure that the right location is quickly found.

ClearD Address identifies any questionable addresses before being imported into the system. The software also returns an address type flag indicating the type of address being processsed. Is it a normal street, a military base, a PO Box, a rural route, on a busy highway, a general delivery or a suite in a multi- story high rise. You know any handling issues before hand. The simple user interfaces combines an intuitive navigation system allowing users to confirm and geocode addresses with ease whether received in batches or entered individually into the system.


  • Speeds address authentication
  • Reduces failed deliveries
  • Improves overall routing accuracy
  • Cuts administration costs and dispatcher time
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