Chemical and Drum Tracking


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Chemical and Drum Tracking

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Chemical and Drum Tracking

Chemical and Drum Tracking

Chemical, petro-chemical, and bio-chemical handlers and manufacturers utilize chemical and drum tracking systems in order to manage and track the transportation of chemicals going to and from customer sites. On the way to their destination, chemical drums pass through a series of checkpoints, including inspection, cleaning, repair, and refilling. OCR’s Chemical and Drum Tracking Solution streamlines and simplifies the process of tracking the movement of chemical drums with a comprehensive and accurate tracking and reporting system. Chemical drums can be paired with permanent ID numbers or can have process specific identifying numbers in order to help track them. Serial numbers and barcode labels can be used to streamline business processes.

Being able to track drums and their contents allows you to manage and track usage and more effectively plan out production runs. By collecting information and tracking chemical drums, you can save time and money as it reduces occurrences where you may have picked a container which does not have the quantity needed.

Chemical Drum Tracking :

  • Single or multiple warehouses
  • Mobile computing solution
  • Scanner data transfer using USB cradle, 3G, or Wi-Fi
  • Track inventory assets
  • Receive with or without a purchase order (PO)
  • Receive to a scanner or default location
  • Use Unit of Measure (UOM) multiplier to receive
  • Supports same stock numbers at different locations
  • Track inventory by destination
  • Issue to Customers/Production/Jobs/Scrap
  • Issue against sales Order (SO) or without SO
  • Track local and global inventory levels
  • Supports dedicated and random putaway tasks
  • Maintain standard inventory costs
  • Track supplier information
  • Categorize finished goods, WIP, and raw materials
  • Automatic reorder quantity function
  • Conduct cycle counts or physical inventories
  • Transmit physical inventory to books
  • First in first out (FIFO) control
  • Create Bill of Materials (BOM), inventory lists, and pick lists
  • Create management reports
  • Export data to Excel, HTML, Text, etc.
  • Print catalogs and barcode labels
  • Easy to navigate menu driven system
  • User configurable
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