Catcher Presentation Scanner(1)(1)


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NLV 1001 Fixed Position Laser Scanner Diamond Presentation Scanner

Catcher Presentation Scanner(1)(1)

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Catcher Presentation Scanner(1)(1)

The Catcher presentation scanner builds on the performance and reliability of the Diamond presentation scanner. The Catcher uses a state-of-the-art laser scan pattern to provide outstanding read performance for a variety of retail and distribution applications.

Its broad scan volume provides excellent hands-free scanning performance from a much smaller counter footprint than a handheld scanner in a stand could provide. The Catcher also features a triggered single-line scanning mode for situations with multiple bar codes in the field-of-view, like those found on a typical PLU list.

The Catcher's versatile multi-interface technology supports all of the most popular host terminal devices making ordering and integration very easy. Standard factory warranty is two years.

  • High reading performance: 20 scan lines and 1500 scans/sec. 
  • Reduced dimensions 
  • Interfaces: USB, RS232 and Wedge in a single model 
  • Firmware update 
  • “Single Line” option 
  • EAS connectivity
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