Carousel Picking Solution


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Carousel Picking Solution

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Carousel Picking Solution

Carousel Picking Solution

OCR integrates a complete carousel picking solution into your warehouse management system. The solution uses sophisticated picking algorithms to organize horizontal, vertical, and vertical lift carousels. The solution can be integrated as part of a WMS solution or as a standalone system for carousel picking.

The Comprehensive Solution for your Carousel needs and more

Tight integration between your management system’s components is becoming more and more complex in logistics and manufacturing environments. OCR’s carousel picking solution is based off of complete Warehouse Management System (WMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) systems and is designed to be embedded in a sophisticated system. The solution allows you to deploy a comprehensive carousel management system. It can be easily integrated with an ERP/Financial system and allows you to implement a variety of functionalities to your carousel system.

Key benefits

Touch Screen, Web-Based Interface

Similar to other OCR WMS, EAM, and MES suites, the carousel module uses a web-based interfacing system. This sets the ground for a simple but fully functional interface which can be navigated with either a standard mouse or by touch screen. Because it is a web based solution, it eliminates the complex process of deploying new releases on every single client station. Once a new version is deployed on the server, it is automatically available to all terminals.

WMS, MES, and ERP/Financial System Integration Integration

The carousel module is designed to be integrated with one of OCR’s WMS or MES modules. The solution provides your distribution or manufacturing operation with a comprehensive set of functionalities and tools right out of the box. From a single point, you can manage and control your inventory in real time.

The module can be integrated with any ERP system. With its set of touch points, it allows for quick configuration of a complex interfacing system and can be easily integrated into your ERP processes.

Multi-site and multi-carousel management

The carousel picking solution works off of a centralized server which allows you to simultaneously manage multiple carousels at multiple different sites. This remote management system allows you for easy and efficient management of all carousels, no matter their location.

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