CV30 Fixed Mount Computer


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CLV690 Manufacturing Compact Scanner DataMan 100 Fixed-Mount Barcode Reader

CV30 Fixed Mount Computer

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CV30 Fixed Mount Computer

CV30 Fixed Mount Computer

  • Can be mounted on a vehicle or used for stationary applications
  • Compact full-screen computer
  • Improved safety as its compact design allows for increased visibility while driving a vehicle such as a forklift
  • Ideal for cross-application deployment
  • Real time decision making supported by ADC Control Center

Intermec delivers a flexible, powerful fixed mount computer with the CV30 Fixed Mount Computer. The device features a compact design which is capable of receiving and transmitting information in real time from anywhere in the work environment, whether it be at a dock, in a freezer, in a yard, or on the warehouse floor. The device allows your business to improve efficiency and increase safety in the workplace.

The CV30 features a rugged design and is intended to hold up to abusive industrial environments. It is built with cast magnesium housing and solid state drives in order to provide the protection needed in military and industrial applications. The CV30 is protected from dust and moisture and is capable of operating in extreme temperatures.

The CV30 can be set up as a tool to remotely manage RFID, Bluetoothâ„¢ scanners, and global deployments.

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