CR2/LG2 Bluetooth Imager


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CR2/LG2 Bluetooth Imager

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CR2/LG2 Bluetooth Imager

The CR2/LG2 is an innovative imager that uses advanced Bluetooth™ wireless and superior CMOS bar code technology combined in a futuristic package. The versatility and flexibility of the CR2/LG2 architecture gives you the highest performance and protects your investment against future application demands.

Bluetooth™ wireless technology gives you a cable-free imager for mobile applications. The imager can be configured to retain data in nonvolatile memory or transfer in real time. The Bluetooth™ protocol gives reliable data transfer at extremely low power consumption at ranges up to 300 feet.

Special Bluetooth™ routing software enhances bi-directional wireless transmissions. CodeXML Router – BE™ software monitors wireless communication to ensure that data is not lost, even if the CR2/LG2 is taken out of range.

The Quick Connect Code™ technology links the CR2/LG2 with other Bluetooth enabled devices easily by scanning a barcode with unique Bluetooth™ address.

The technology employed to achieve this high performance is superior to most bar code imagers. Dual optical paths optimize reading at both near and far distances. 400 MHz, 32-Bit micro-processor operation means super fast decoding and a 1.3 million pixel CMOS sensor assures quality high density images. 8 MB of non-volatile on-board memory allows the CR2/LG2 to store enormous quantities of data.


  • 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS Imager: Enhanced reading of linear and 2D Barcodes 
  • Bluetooth™ Communications: Wireless communication up to 300 feet 
  • DOT Technology: Allows adaptation to barcodes commonly read 
  • Quick Connect Code: links LG2 to Bluetooth™ enabled devices 
  • 8 MB Memory: Holds data in memory if out of comm. range 
  • Removable Handle: Optional handle for better ergonomics
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