CLV450 SMART Barcode Recognition Technology


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CLV450 SMART Barcode Recognition Technology

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CLV450 SMART Barcode Recognition Technology

CLV450 SMART Barcode Recognition Technology

The high-performance CLV450 barcode reader features dynamic focus control and is capable of identifying barcodes with a large depth of field from a distance of up to 1200 mm.

SMART code recognition technology allows the CLV450 to read poor-quality barcode labels at improved success rates. Additionally, profile-code programming functionality allows users to configure device parameters without the need of additional tools.

An extremely small, IP-65 certified aluminum casing makes the LCV 450 one of the most compact devices on the market. As a cost-effective solution, the CLV450 is ideal for a variety of applications in handling and warehousing environments. An oscillating mirror version is also available for detecting barcodes on large areas.


  • Compact design facilitates installation in situations where space is at a premium
  • High, 1000Hz scan frequency with SMART decoder for reading dirty, damaged, or rotated barcode labels
  • Extremely large depth of field thanks to dynamic focus control
  • Reliable bar code identification across large reading distances (1200 mm)
  • Real-time dynamic focus control
  • Integrated power supply tolerates wide range of input voltage
  • CAN-Bus compatible
  • Flash memory for firmware
  • AutoSetup ensures automatic optimizing of reading performance
  • Insensitive to ambient light and glare
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