CLV430 and CLV440 Dynamic Focus Barcode Scanners


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CLV430 and CLV440 Dynamic Focus Barcode Scanners

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Fixed Mount Scanners > Compact Line Scanners
CLV430 and CLV440 Dynamic Focus Barcode Scanners

CLV430 and CLV440 Dynamic Focus Barcode Scanners

The CLV430/440 offers improved reading speed by processing complete barcode images before the decoding process. This method provides an improved percentage of successful reads, even when barcode labels are hidden, tilted, or damaged by tearing, splotches, or smearing.

The CLV 430 is a fixed-focus scanner while the 440 offers dynamic focus control. Dynamic focus control makes the CLV440 ideal for applications requiring a large depth of field as it is capable of automatically adjusting its focus position to accommodate changing label distances. This makes the CLV440 ideal for scanning objects of different heights.

A user-selectable scan rate of 300 to 800 Hz at a reading range of 2-32 inches allows the device to be optimized for the application at hand. All parameters can be set by users via included Windows™-based software, including barcode resolution, minimum reading distance, scan frequency, data format, and barcode label specifications.


  • Print and apply verification
  • Packaging verification
  • Product label verification
  • Automotive assembly
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Electronic circuit board identification


  • Integrated scanner and decoder
  • 2 to 32 inch reading range
  • Automatic triggering
  • Scanrate of 300 to 800 scans per second
  • Dynamic focus control
  • Integrated CAN Bus interface
  • SICK’s Modular Advanced Recognition Technology (SMART)
  • Match code capability
  • Real-time decoding
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • All parameters software selectable
  • Compact design
  • Windows™ CLV Utility Software
  • Diecast zinc housing
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