CLV430 CLV431 CLV432 Fixfocus Advanced Barcode Scanners


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CLV430 and CLV440 Dynamic Focus Barcode Scanners CLV440 CLV442 Dynamic Focus Barcode Scanner

CLV430 CLV431 CLV432 Fixfocus Advanced Barcode Scanners

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Fixed Mount Scanners > Compact Line Scanners
CLV430 CLV431 CLV432 Fixfocus Advanced Barcode Scanners

CLV43x Fixfocus Advanced Barcode Scanners

The CLV430, CLV431, and CLV432 represent the newest line of fixed mount barcode scanners from SICK OPTIC. This compact, high performance scanner series feature fixed optics, improved depth of field, and large reading distance.

The CLV43x series feature a compact design with a durable, IP-65 certified housing which provides a longer lasting lifespan and protects the device from dust and moisture. SMART Code recognition technology offers improved first scan success rate.

Reflector Polling eliminates the need for additional photoelectric triggering switches. Angled or oscillating mirror versions are available and offer specific features, such as reading barcodes on large areas, suited for specific applications.


  • Beeper confirms reading process
  • Flash memory for firmware
  • Reflector Polling generates an integrated trigger Profile
  • AutoSetup ensures automatic optimization of reading performance
  • Reliable code recognition in real-time using SMART technology
  • Angle attachment optional at a glance
  • CAN bus compatible
  • Oscillating mirror optional.
  • Compact housing for tight fits.
  • Integrated power supply tolerates wide range of input voltage.
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