CLV265 Compact Industrial Scanner


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CLV265 Compact Industrial Scanner

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CLV265 Compact Industrial Scanner

CLV265 Compact Industrial Scanner

Equipped with SICK’s Modular Advanced Recognition Technology (SMART) and dynamic focus control, the CLV265 is the most advanced compact industrial barcode scanner available in its class. This mid-range scanner offers users improved depth of field and the ability to read even damaged or hidden barcode labels.

Intuitive SMART functionality enables the CLV265 to process the complete barcode image prior to decoding it. This results in much higher successful read rates, even of barcodes that are presented on a tilted angle, those that are partially hidden, or those that are damaged by smearing, tearing, or splotching.

Dynamic focus control provides faster reading and decoding of barcodes on objects of variable heights by using photoelectric sensor input to determine the height of the object being scanned and refocusing on the barcode label. The CLV265 features a depth of field of 33 inches and a barcode resolution of 0.20.

The CLV265 features a Windows™-based software interface which provides a user-friendly experience. Its unique, stand-alone software quickly guides users through the scanner configuration process.

The software can be used to select scanning parameters, including minimum reading distance, scan frequency, barcode resolution, data format, and barcode label specifications. This feature enables users to optimize the scanner for specific applications.


  • SICK’s Modular Advanced Recognition Technology (SMART)
  • Compact, diecast aluminum housing
  • High speed performance (800 Hz)
  • Integrated scanner and decoder
  • Real-time decoding and diagnostics
  • Optically designed for high-tilt angles
  • All parameters software selectable
  • Real-time "dynamic focus control"
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