CLP100 Barcode Identification Scanner


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CLP100 Barcode Identification Scanner

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CLP100 Barcode Identification Scanner

CLP100 Barcode Identification Scanner

The CLP100 barcode identification scanner offers a convenient OEM scanning solution for any application.

The CLP100 is ideal for applications that have limited space for mounting a barcode sensor which require short distance barcode reading. This affordable fixed mount device, based on CCD technology, offers users all the needed features to solve simple identification tasks in OEM device development. A small housing and choice between straight tor lateral oriented reading window makes the CLP100 simple to mount in almost any situation. A 500 Hz high scan-rate provides a high-speed solution for scanning applications. It is also capable of reading high density barcodes with resolutions as small as 0.125 mm.

A high performance decoder is integrated into the CLP100, which transmits ASCII data via RS232 interfacing. The CLP100 can be configured to meet the needs of various applications. Fast and friendly Windows based set-up software allows quick and easy setup. It can also be configured using the Host Command language.

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