CL608e High Value Printer


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CL608e High Value Printer

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CL608e High Value Printer

CL608e High Value Printer

The SATO CL608e offers a high performance printing solution at an affordable price. Equipped with a 203 dpi 6” print head, the device is capable of thermal transfer printing of 6” (7” overall width) labels at speeds of 8 inches per second. Labels of all sizes, from 0.78” tall by 1.96” wide to as large as 7” wide by 14” long, may be printed. And when equipped with a PCMCIA Type II memory card, it is capable of printing labels up to 50” long. The printer comes equipped with 16 symbologies and 8 text fonts. It offers the perfect printing solution a wide variety of labelling applications.

A high-speed, 32-bit RISC processor allows the CL608e to provide improved throughput even when printing from Windows® applications, such as Word, Access, and Excel. The CL608e also features an exclusive print head control feature that monitors the status of the print head and automatically adjusts the energy provided for consistent, optimal printing quality. 18 MB of integrated memory comes standard and allows the device to store graphics and fonts to improve printing speeds.

The device is compatible with standard Windows® programs so that users can make use of applications such as Excel, Word, Access, and more to design labels to be printed. It also still provides support for label design through SBPL, SATO’s native command language, as well as label and design production software.

The CL608e offers a variety connectivity options to provide flexibility to the user. SATO offers a choice between IEEE1284 Parallel, USB, or 57.6kbps high-speed serial interfacing. RS422/485 Serial, Wireless 802.11b, Ethernet-10/100BaseT, and Twinax/Coax interfacing functionalities are also available.


  • Equipped with an RISC processor for improved throughput
  • 18 MB of on-board memory for storing graphics, logos, and fonts
  • Compatible with Windows® applications, such as Word, Access, and Excel
  • Multiple interfacing options (IEEE1284 Parallel, 57.6kbps High-Speed Serial, or USB)
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