CB3000 Wirless Bridge Adapter


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CB2000 WLAN 802.11b Client Bridge Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge

CB3000 Wirless Bridge Adapter

CATEGORY:Wireless Network (RF) Devices > Bridges/Modems/Routers
CB3000 Wirless Bridge Adapter

Extend affordable and secure 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity to multiple Ethernet devices— including cash registers, scales, time clocks and more

CB3000 Client Bridge provides affordable and reliable wireless connectivity for Ethernet devices that do not have a PC or PCI card slot. Connect everything from printers, scales and medical equipment, to manufacturing machinery, bar code readers, time clocks, cash registers and other data collection devices via an RJ-45 port. This cost-efficient connection point can support up to 16 wireless clients via an Ethernet hub. And advanced security capabilities protect your traffic from being deciphered and your network from unauthorized access.

Business Challenge Solution
You need to connect your cash registers to your network, but the need to move the registers throughout the year to accommodate seasonal needs will result in high wiring costs. Quickly and easily extend cost-effective wireless connectivity for up to 16 cash registers with a single CB3000. And when you need to move your registers to better serve holiday buyers, or for an improved floor plan, just simply relocate the CB3000 with the devices to maintain wireless connectivity - without incurring the expense and time of wiring and re-wiring.
You have an application that will deliver competitive advantage, but it requires the capture real time data from some of your larger equipment. Since the equipment does not have a PC or PCI card slot, you cannot establish the wireless connectivity you need. The CB3000 extends wireless connectivity to equipment that typically would not be able to establish a wireless connection via the RJ-45 port. Ideal for connecting printers, scales, time clocks, point-of-sale and more to your wireless network.

Simple, cost-effective high performance wireless connectivity for printers, point-of-sale and Ethernet enabled devices

The CB3000 provides a robust wireless connection for your Ethernet-enabled devices — from printers, scales, medical equipment, and manufacturing machinery to time clocks, point-of-sale devices and more. The need to extend wiring is eliminated, reducing the cost and complexity of deployment for devices without a PCMCIA or PCI card slot. And the ability to update the firmware provides the investment protection you need, ensuring that the CB3000 meets your networking needs today as well as tomorrow.

Increase productivity throughout your enterprise

The CB3000 allows you to cost-effectively extend the availability of applications, devices, and real-time data, resulting in a productivity increase throughout your enterprise. The ability to move information from time clocks directly into your payroll application eliminates time spent manually processing time cards. The ability to collect statistics from manufacturing machinery enables early identification and resolution of equipment problems — before they impact yield. And the wireless connection enables network changes to be executed quickly and easily, as needed — for example, to connect point-of-sale devices to support a sale in a specific area of the store.

Easy to deploy and manage with enterprise functionality

The CB3000 offers the simplicity of true plug-and-play deployment — minimal configuration is required. Your wireless client devices enjoy uninterrupted connectivity — the CB3000 can easily roam to another access port or access point as needed. And a secure internal web server provides the convenience of anywhere anytime management through any standard web browser.

A secure, reliable, easy-to-move connection

The CB3000 provides the enterprise-class security you need — advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms protect your network and data from unauthorized users. And wireless connectivity offers maximum flexibility. Equipment can be easily moved as needed to accommodate seasonal requirements as well as line and staffing changes, without the time and expense of re-wiring.

Connect up to 16 devices in nearly any environment

The robust mechanical design and support for a wide range of temperatures delivers reliable performance throughout your enterprise, from your front office to the retail, warehouse or factory floor. And when used in conjunction with an Ethernet hub, a single CB3000 can connect up to 16 client devices to your Motorola wireless switches, access ports and access points, making the CB3000 an outstanding value.

An ideal companion for your mobility solution

The CB3000 – a flexible and very economical wireless connection enabling the movement of data to and from many types of devices, with the reliability, performance and security you expect in Motorola enterprise mobility solutions. Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services also offers the comprehensive support and technical expertise you need to design, deploy and maintain the most successful mobility solutions.

Features Benefits
IEEE 802.11a/b/g Flexibility to connect to multiple network technologies
Multi-client support Affordable connectivity for up to 16 client devices
POS support Cost-effective wireless deployment of the market leading point-of-sale devices (IBM, NEC, and more)
IBM POS protocol support Cost-effective wireless deployment for point-of-sale devices
WEP 40/128, WPA and AES encryption; 802.1x support with PEAP, EAP/TLS, EAP/TTLS authentication Provides rigorous security for your data and network
Embedded secure web server Convenient anytime anywhere management
SNMP v2 support Integrates easily with standard enterprise management systems
Ad hoc mode (CB3000 to CB3000 – networking of all connected devices) Quickly and inexpensively enable the sharing of printers and other peripherals, server access and more
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