Bluetooth Barcode Scanners


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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

The Gryphon™ BT100 and BT200 are built upon the proven Gryphon™ mobile technology. Sharing much of the same powerful architecture, the BT100 and BT200 offer accurate, reliable performance and bring additional wireless connectivity options with Bluetooth technology. The device allows the operator to move around without being constrained by a cable. Bluetooth technology also allows it to connect and communicate with various devices, even those manufactured by other companies. The Bluetooth radio module is compliant with the latest Bluetooth 1.1 standard and can communicate with any PDA, PC, Laptop, printer, mobile phone, etc. that also features Bluetooth capabilities.

The Gryphon™ BT100 and BT200 offer best in class scanning performance thanks to state of the art optics and decoding rates of 270 scans per second. Its speed and accuracy provides users with a user friendly tool to get the job done more efficiently. A “blue spot” feedback system offers a visual cue to workers that verifies that a successful scan has been made, beneficial for applications in noisy environments.


  • Bluetooth 1.1 compliance (SPP)
  • Virtual COM and keyboard emulation data input
  • RSS symbologies, linear barcode, and PDF417 reading
  • High speed data transmission
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