BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Application


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BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Application

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BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Application

BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Application

Add barcode data collection capabilities to your BlackBerry device with our intuitive BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Application. The solution can be customized to suit your needs and once the barcode scanner is paired with your BlackBerry, the software will allow you to scan and collect data. A SEND button will then export your data via email in XML or comma delimited format to your business’ mail server.

The software can be used in a variety of industries. For example, it can be used as a freight tracking logistics solution. The solution offers the means to extend your freight tracking business’ dispatch system with real-time shipping, driver communication functionality, and package tracking from any location at any time in the field. This solution offers logistics companies with an efficient wireless system which can reduce the amount of paperwork and accelerate logistics processes.

This solution turns your BlackBerry technology into an inventory management system for in field data collection. Your BlackBerry handheld devices can be deployed in the field as inventory data collectors. Each Bluetooth laser scanner can be paired with a BlackBerry device to collect data wirelessly in remote locations. The solution reduces the costs of tracking paperwork as well as the errors and inefficiencies which come along with these manual processes. It streamlines administrative work and earns a return on investment.

This BlackBerry solution enables your mobile workers to perform data collection tasks in asset tracking, warehouse management tasks, inspection tours, and much more.

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