Bartender Age Verification System


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Barcode Mobile Inspection Bartender Point of Sale Solution

Bartender Age Verification System

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Bartender Age Verification System

Bartender Age Verification System

Comprehensive Solutions for Age Verification

The Bartender Age Verification system is an ideal solution for restaurants or bars who need to identify the legal age of customers. This provides a comprehensive solution which can quickly read and store data by reading encoded barcodes in the magnetic stripes of any state issued identification card, driver’s license, or military ID. When the name and age of the card holder is verified, the information will be displayed on the screen. Additional features include:

  • If patron is underage, an alarm will sound
  • Optional vibration feedback for noisier workplaces
  • Captured data is given a time-stamp by using an internal real-time clock
  • Data is protected and deleted automatically after 7 days
  • PC and manual data management is not required

Products Included

  • Code Reader 3500
  • Magnetic stripe card reader and a charging base
  • Nylon cover for added protection

Part of the In-A-Box software solution series.

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