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Barcode Maker for Macintosh Biometric Clock Time and Attendance System


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Wasp BarcodeFactory is an easy-to-use barcode software program designed specifically to create barcodes for use in documents. BarcodeFactory seamlessly integrates with Office programs Word, Excel and Access to provide instant, one-button barcode functionality. Simply select the number or text, click on BarcodeFactory and instantly create one of over 12 different 1D barcode symbologies. If 2D barcodes are required, simply add one of BarcodeFactory’s additional barcode symbologies.

BarcodeFactory is ideal for Office users who want to add barcodes to documents. Easily add barcodes to an invoice and then save as PDF for emailing or printing. The barcode is fully preserved in the PDF document and easily distributed. Want to add a barcode to a mail merge document? That’s a snap with BarcodeFactory. Or use BarcodeFactory to rapidly create product barcode scan sheets or shadow books. Do you have data in Excel or Access? BarcodeFactory can be linked to this underlying data to rapidly create barcodes.

Does the barcode need to be changed or edited? No problem with BarcodeFactory. Simply make the change in the underlying data in Excel or Access and the barcode is changed. Want to change the barcode in Word? Just click on the barcode and update the number. The new barcode is instantly created. Want a different symbology? Again, with one-button, simply select the new symbology and instantly the new barcode is created.

No other barcode software program is as easy-to-use and as full-featured as BarcodeFactory. Choose from popular 1D barcode symbologies such as Code39, Code128 or from the 10 other 1D barcode symbologies included. If a 2D barcode such as PDF417 is required, simply add from one of 4 additional barcode symbologies available via an add-on license.

BarcodeFactory makes barcode creation effortless, efficient, and easy. This barcode software program is loaded with features yet ensures the underlying technology is presented simply and intuitively. No need to type start and stop characters. Or worry about what barcode symbologies support check digit. The program takes care of all of that technology automatically.

BarcodeFactory is truly a one-button barcode software solution that makes creating barcodes for use in documents a snap!

System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2, 2003 Server (32 bit only), and Vista (32 bit only) 
  • Pentium II 600 MHz or better 
  • 512 MB of RAM 
  • 50 MB disk space minimum 
  • CD-ROM drive (installation only) 
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007
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